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jqxLinearGauge displays an indicator within a range of values. Gauges can be used in a table or matrix to show the relative value of a field in a range of values in the data region, for example, as a KPI. It supports SVG and VML rendering.

jqWidgets is a commercial product, which depending on how you use it, requires a license fee. Complete details are on jqWidget's website. The product is well supported.

Properties and Methods

This control is well documented on the jqWidget's website: http://www.jqwidgets.com/jquery-widgets-documentation/.


Sub Main()
  $("#LinearGauge1").jqxLinearGauge("max", 100)
  ' "max" sets the maxium value of the gauge or full scale deflection
  $("#LinearGauge1").jqxLinearGauge("value", 50)
  ' "value" is the new pointer value for the gauge
End Sub

Function Slider1_onchange()
  temp = Slider1.value
  $("#LinearGauge1").jqxLinearGauge("value", temp)
End Function


See above.