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jqxValidator can check the fields on a form. It should be the bottom item in the Project Explorer, so it can check all the controls above it.

jqWidgets is a commercial product, which depending on how you use it, requires a license fee. Complete details are on jqWidget's website. The product is well supported.

Properties and Methods

This control is well documented on the jqWidget's website: http://www.jqwidgets.com/jquery-widgets-documentation/.

animation Sets the animation type of hiding hints.
arrow Sets whether the arrow of the hints will be shown.
closeOnClick Sets whether the hints will be closed when the user clicks on them.
focus Sets whether the jqxValidator will focus the first invalid input
onvalidationError This is triggered when the form is validated with some errors.
onvalidationSuccess This is triggered when the form is validated successfully.
position Sets the default position of the hints.


Button1.onclick = function() {

Function Button1_onclick()
End Function


See above.