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The jqxMaskedInput widget uses a mask to distinguish between proper and improper user input. You can define phone number, ssn, zip code, dates, etc. masks by setting the jqxMaskedInput mask property.

jqWidgets is a commercial product, which depending on how you use it, requires a license fee. Complete details are on jqWidget's website. The product is well supported.

Properties and Methods

This control is well documented on the jqWidget's website: http://www.jqwidgets.com/jquery-widgets-documentation/.

mask Sets or gets the masked input's mask. See jqWidgets docs for complete options.
name Key in submitted form
onchange This event is triggered when the value is changed and the control's focus is lost.
promptChar Sets or gets the prompt char displayed when an editable char is empty.
readOnly Sets or gets the readOnly state of the input.
textAlign Sets or gets the text alignment.
validatorAction Events to test rules after
validatorMessage Message if rule does not work. One per line. Must be same number of lines as validatorRule property.
validatorRule Rule: required, number, notNumber, ssn, email, phone, zipCode, maxlength=12, minLength=3, length=3,12. See jqWidgets docs for full info. One per line. Must be same number of lines as validatorMessage property.
value Sets or gets the masked input's value.


ClearAll.onclick = function() {

MaskedInput1.onchange = function() {
    NSB.MsgBox("new value of Numeric is " + MaskedInput1.value);

Function ClearAll_onclick()
End Function

Function MaskedInput1_onchange()
  MsgBox "new value of Numeric is " & MaskedInput1.value
End Function


See above.