Lab Session: Device features

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In this lab session, you will add features to your app that allow you to take a picture, record your feelings on the weather with emoji, and respond to device rotation.

Student Outline

  1. Open LabFeatures.nsx
  2. Add the Orientation control
  3. Put your application in portrait mode and verify that it displays an error when rotated to landscape.
  4. Add code to frmPhoto that allows the user to take a photo and display it. You'll have to add the appropriate TextBox and PictureBox.
  5. Replace the default values of selEmoji with a few Emoji characters so the user can select how they feel about the photo. Emoticons work best.
  6. Modify the click event for btnLoad on frmMain so the TextBox, PictureBox and selEmoji are reset on click.


  • In later labs, we'll be recording current weather data. Modify the form you just created to make it clear it's for recording your impressions of the weather data. Add a TextArea so users can record textual thoughts as well. Make sure it's cleared when the weather is retrieved.
  • A Select control is only good for a few items. Create a new form that's specifically for choosing between 20-30 Emoji characters and replace the Select with it.
  • Add an upload button, and allow the photo to be uploaded to a server. Refer to the upload sample for details.