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The Radiobutton allows users to make a choice from a mutually exclusive group of items. Use the onchange event to detect it if has been clicked - the onclick event return the value before it has been changed.

Changing the disabled state for an item at runtime is easy. To change the third item of RadioButton1, do the following:

  Radiobutton1_2.disabled = false

Popovers and Tooltips are supported.

Properties and Methods

Standard properties are supported, plus:

addItem(item, type) Adds an item to the end. type can be "selected" or "disabled" . Runtime.
badge Adds a Badge to the control. Design Time and Runtime.
clear() Clears all items. Runtime.
footer An optional message at the bottom of the list of items. Design Time and Runtime.
header An optional message at the top of the list of items. Design Time and Runtime.
hidden True/False. Design time.
hide() Hide the control. Runtime.
icon An optional icon to appear at the top of the list. Design Time and Runtime.
inline Display items horizontally? Design Time.
items Items to show, one per line. Prefix * for disabled, > for selected, ! for heading (not all controls support headings). Design Time.
length The number of items. Runtime.
show() Show the control. Runtime.
value Gets or sets the index of current selection.


Standard events are supported. For this control, the onclick event will be most useful.


Go through all the checkboxes and see which ones have been chosen.

// JavaScript
Radiobutton1.onchange = function() {
  NSB.MsgBox("Choice is " + Radiobutton1.value);

' Basic
Function Radiobutton1_onchange()
  MsgBox "Choice is " & Radiobutton1.value
End Function