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AppStudio 9 adds support for Bootstrap 5. Bootstrap 4 continues to be supported by the Bootstrap team, so there is no need to convert. Bootstrap 5 brings a number of improvements and refinements.

There are many changes in Bootstrap 5: more than we could build a migration for. Bootstrap 5 is a separate framework. We will continue to support Bootstrap 3 and 4 for existing projects, but recommend using Bootstrap 5 for new projects.

We were able to accomodate most of the changes within our code, so most of the controls work pretty much the same way as they did in Bootstrap 4. The code emitted by AppStudio is quite different.

Since Bootstrap 3, 4 and 5 share many internal variable names, controls from the two frameworks cannot be included in the same project.

Here's are a couple of detailed summaries of the changes from Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5:

Summary of notable changes

  • rtl support added for right justified languages.


  • Can act as a Container.


  • Updated buttons to ensure increased contrast on hover and active states.
  • Disabled buttons now have pointer-events: none;.


  • Simplifications to HTML


  • Libraries updated to support BS5


  • replaced by Switch


  • Based on Bootstrap's own icons. Small and fast; svg based.
  • Names of some icons have changed.
  • User icons can be svg or css

Input and Input-item

  • Completely new Input control
  • Allows mix of inputText, literals, textareas, checkboxes and radio on a single line.


  • Dropped. It can be built up from other controls.


  • Add list-group-numbered


  • imageHorizontal and imageAlignment properties dropped.


  • Footer text is always aligned right
  • long text scrolls automatically
  • Children are in footer.
  • vertical position can be selected.


  • New control. Puts up a panel over part of your screen.


  • Changed default toast duration to 5 seconds.


  • Added: morph, quartz, vapor and zephyr