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A Framework is a collection of controls. These controls appear in the ToolBox, organized by Framework.

  • Usually developed by a company or organization.
  • Designed to have a similar look and feel.
  • May be open source or commercial.
  • Each has its own set of js and css files.
  • AppStudio automatically builds the files into the app.
  • Using more than one framework bloats apps
  • Frameworks may interfere with each other.

Common Controls

  • These are simple controls which can be used with any Framework.
  • Provide basic functionality


  • One of the most popular
  • Originally developed by Twitter
  • Bootstrap 3 and Bootstrap 4 supported
  • MIT licence (one of the best open source licenses)
  • AppStudio includes 30 (or more!) Bootstrap controls.
  • New controls being added.
  • Actively being developed.


  • Contains some rich and powerful controls.
  • Commercial, so it is not free for all apps.
  • No charge for use in non-profit organizations.
  • Actively being developed.

jQuery Mobile

  • Developed by same group as the popular jQuery library.
  • MIT licence (one of the best open source licenses)
  • No longer being actively being developed by its originators. Do not use for new projects.

Other Frameworks

  • Wikipedia lists more than 100!
  • New frameworks are being announced regularly on the net
  • Doing so requires skills not covered in this training.