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Documentation for AppStudio 3

If you own a previous version of AppStudio, you need to buy the upgrade to use version 3. You can do this from within the app or from our order form.

Until you have bought the upgrade, you can use AppStudio 3 in Demo mode. Once you buy, your copy will convert automatically to the full version.

Updates to 3.3


  1. Controls: Fix missing file in jqWidget's Checkbox.
  2. Design Screen: Fix possible error on deleting control.
  3. IDE: Change copyright date to 2014.
  4. IDE: Generalize serial number checking.
  5. Project Explorer: Fix problem with editing ID and framework id.

Version 3.3.0

  1. Code Window: Now supports drag and drop to Code Window from external file.
  2. Controls: A number of controls can now do ChangeForm without writing any code.
  3. Deploy: PhoneGap 3.x now supported.
  4. Documentation: Offline mode of Wiki expanded with much more material, including images.
  5. Documentation: Offline mode of Wiki now has a search function.
  6. Design Screen: Centering controls with width or height set to 'auto' now works.
  7. Design Screen: It is now easier to select overlapping controls.
  8. Design Screen: Refreshes if theme changed.
  9. IDE: Code Module Export now sets the file type.
  10. Project Explorer: External .cod files can now be dragged and dropped as well.
  11. Project Explorer: You can now can edit form and control ids (except XP).
  12. IDE: Dialogs now center better on multi monitor development systems.
  13. IDE: Background pinstripes out of fashion - no longer added to new projects.
  14. IDE: Forms now have a background color property.
  15. IDE: Forms and control ids must be valid JavaScript variable names.
  16. Code Modules: External code modules now support unicode characters.
  17. Code Modules: PHP displays properly on Windows.
  18. Deploy: Remove obsolete ajax-loader.png file.
  19. Samples: A number of samples updated.
  20. Samples: Compass sample now has an animated compass rose.
  21. Samples: Pinstripe background removed from all samples.

Documentation for 3.3.0

  1. Drag and Drop to the Code Window: You can now store chunks of code you would like to be able to reuse in external files. Dragging them into the Code Window will paste them into the current cursor position. It's much quicker than opening, copying and pasting.
  2. Change Forms without writing any code: A number of controls have a new ChangeForm property. If you enter the name of a form in this property, the app will go to that form automatically when the control is clicked by the user. Controls which have this property include Button (all frameworks), HeaderBar (jqm), NavBar (jqm), Footerbar (jqm) and List (jam). The _onhide and _onshow scripts will still be called, just as it you had executed a ChangeForm statement.
  3. PhoneGap 3 now supported. Get full details, including how to update your projects, in Using the PhoneGap API.
    1. The integration of 3rd party plugins has been greatly improved: now it is easy to use them in PhoneGap Build projects as the PhoneGap API used to be.
    2. The PhoneGap API file has been converted into a number of separate plugins, reducing memory requirements.
    3. Support for BlackBerry, WebOS and Symbian has been dropped.
    4. Support for Windows Mobile 8 has been improved.
  4. Offline Wiki: We've greatly expanded the info in the offline wiki: it is now close to 70 megs. To help navigate it, there is now a search function.

Updates to 3.2


  1. Code Modules: External code modules are now supported. (Thanks, Tony!)
  2. IDE: External files can be added to an app by dragging and dropping them into the Project Explorer.
  3. IDE: About Screen scrollable again.
  4. Code Window: Some autocomplete items added.
  5. Code Window: Equal (=) now autocompletes.
  6. Controls: New .setting() function on FlipToggle returns True/False.
  7. Deploy: Icons on Chrome Packaged App improved.
  8. Deploy: Error in Italian translation which broke deploy to nsbapp fixed.
  9. IDE: Design Screen was becoming unresponsive after switching forms. (Thanks, Teo!)
  10. Runtime: Print wasn't working after being dismissed.
  11. Runtime: Warning in Chrome about event.returnValue eliminated.
  12. Samples: New ChromeAPI sample shows how to use Android FileSystem object.

You can now put a path in the src property of a Code Module. This will be treated as an external file and only copied into your project on deploy. Files can be in JavaScript (.js), BASIC (.bas), PHP (.php) or Other (.css, etc.). This allows you to have code modules which are shared by multiple apps. Use Add New Module to add a new external file to your project, or drag the files and drop them in the Project Explorer.


  1. Deploy: Chrome Packaged Apps now use proper icons.
  2. Find/Replace: Will not affect the background window (Mac)
  3. IDE: Problem with Edit menu item disabling with Code Window fixed.
  4. IDE: Ctrl V will not paste to the wrong place (Mac)
  5. Script Window: range check on size added.


  1. Design Screen: jQM Button images display in Design Screen.
  2. Design Screen: Positioning lines now cancel after right click as well.
  3. IDE: Problem with Edit menu item disabling fixed.
  4. Properties: Can now be edited again after changing.


  1. Code Window: fix false negative syntax error on "Finally"
  2. Code Window: Problem with code folding fixed. (Thanks, Helen!)
  3. Controls: AdSense no longer affects subsequent controls.
  4. Controls: Double quotes are now allowed on jQM Buttons.
  5. Controls: Images can now be placed on jQM Buttons.
  6. Deploy: Build Status screen can now show the status of PhoneGap's servers.
  7. Deploy: chromeIcon project property is now 192x192: Google updated their docs. If you are using this feature, you need to update the icon to the new size. This allows full screen Android apps if you are using Chome 31 or higher.
  8. Find Window: Type through problem fixed.
  9. IDE: Forms losing their order fixed. (Thanks, Jimmy!)
  10. IDE: Several new languages added as well as new material for existing ones.
  11. Libraries: Metro theme deprecated. Developer was not keeping up to date with JQM.
  12. Runtime: browserWarningMessage is now a function you can replace in your code.
  13. Runtime: If you have a Sub browserWarningMessageAfterScript(), it will be called after browserwarning is displayed.
  14. Runtime: Messages.js moved into /nsb
  15. Runtime: Revert change to width calculation on NSB.MsgBox on some Samsung devices.
  16. Samples: Google Maps and Twitter updated to use their latest APIs.


  1. Code Window: Fix code loss issue. (Thanks, Jimmy!)
  2. IDE: Fix jitter problem on "Menu" when fullscreen.
  3. NSB.MsgBox: revert change to width calculation
  4. Runtime: Improve how CStr and CDate handle undefined values.


  1. Code Window: Positioning lines now appear when mouse down on a control.
  2. Code Window: Fix problem with code folding.
  3. Documentation: Wiki and Locale files updated.
  4. Design Screen: Changes to contextual menus on Mac OS. Fixes Copy/Paste issue.
  5. IDE: Do not allow positioning above the top of the screen after disconnecting external monitor.
  6. Properties Grid: Save problem caused by multiple Script Windows fixed.
  7. Runtime: NSB.MsgBox can now display false as a prompt.

Special thanks to Jimmy Imossi of Gibralter who not only found issues, but sent videos of how to reproduce them!


  1. Code Window: Select and right click to Go to Function Definition.
  2. Controls: Fix Readonly autocomplete for TextBox and other controls.
  3. Deploy: Fix problem with images on Chrome Packaged Apps.
  4. Design Screen: fix controls occasionally not copyable.
  5. Design Screen: Random controls sometimes added.
  6. IDE: Upper limit on serial numbers increased.


  1. Controls: Added Right property to Textbox control.
  2. Controls: Fix console message with RadioButton on IE11
  3. iWebKit: fix pseudo class defs for Chrome (Thanks, Doug!)
  4. Runtime: Order of startup events fixed.
  5. Script Window: remembers size from when last opened.
  6. Translator: Fixed Loop (a=b)


  1. Controls: Font size can now changed on Labels.
  2. Deploy: Path to chromeIcon (1024.png) fixed.
  3. Design Screen: Snap to Grid fixed.
  4. Runtime: browserWarning updated for changed iOS7 userAgent string.
  5. Runtime: Fixes for IE11.
  6. Runtime: NSB.MsgBox can now display numeric as well as string values.

Version 3.2.8

  1. Deploy: Apps now run on Chrome OS.
  2. Deploy: Apps now run on Windows RT.
  3. Deploy: Apps not using iWebKit can be used on Internet Explorer 11.
  4. Deploy: Improve browser warning message.
  5. Design Screen: fix problems with refresh.
  6. Design Screen: fix center control.
  7. Design Screen: fix problem that could lead to controls not being clickable.
  8. Samples: Update SAP sample for new server.
  9. Controls: jQM List icon can now be changed or removed.
  10. Controls: jQM Button has new Edit and Bars icons.
  11. Properties Window: Selecting onclick could terminate IDE.
  12. Runtime: Convert some alert functions to NSB.MsgBox, for Chrome Packaged Apps.
  13. Script Window: Horizontal scrollbar is now properly sized.
  14. Script Window: Fix problem that could mess up code.
  15. Script Window: Fix problem with block comments.
  16. Code Window: Fix problem with status coordinates.


  1. Deploy: Improvements to Chrome Packaged Apps
  2. IDE: Copyright can only be one line long.
  3. IDE: Edits to Script property now saved properly.
  4. Runtime: _parseButtons was updating global variable i.
  5. Translator: ((A(2,2) - 1) Mod 13) fixed.
  6. Translator: a = b = 0 Or (c = True) fixed.
  7. Translator: a(Int(b / c)) = d fixed.
  8. Translator: encodeURI("") fixed.
  9. Translator: If jjj = 1 Then GOTO106 =True :Exit Do fixed.

Version 3.2.7

  1. Controls: Add square corner property to jQM Buttons and Lists.
  2. Controls: ColorPicker now ignores FastClick.
  3. Deploy: Allow more settings for Chrome Packaged Apps.
  4. Design Screen: Improve use of jqWidgets local path.
  5. IDE: Fix error when selected last defaultformsize.
  6. IDE: Improvements to Save logic.

Version 3.2.6

  1. Controls: Allow quote signs in TextBox value.
  2. Design Screen: Fix problem of some jqxWidgets not displaying properly on Windows
  3. Deploy: Possible error due to status message conflict fixed.
  4. Documentation: Wiki and Locale files updated.
  5. IDE: Fix problem that stopped some 3.1.7 projects from opening
  6. IDE: Improvements to Save logic.
  7. Language: 'console.log' is now a reserved word.

Version 3.2.5

  1. IDE: Improvements to Save logic.
  2. IDE: Mac shows splash screen to solve problem with property pickers.
  3. IDE: Renamed iconAndroid to ChromeIcon
  4. Runtime: Problem with return in Textbox fixed by change to onsubmit code.
  5. Translator: Fix problem with \

Version 3.2.4

  1. Controls: Add missing image to jQM CheckBox.
  2. Controls: Allow quotes in the titles of jQM CheckBox.
  3. Controls: Fix icons on the right button of TitleBar
  4. Controls: iWK Menu controls now return numeric values correctly.
  5. Controls: TextArea controls do not need onclick and onblur emitted.
  6. Deploy: Add support for Android Chrome Full Screen
  7. Deploy: Only emit onsubmit code if needed.
  8. IDE: Unnecessary Save dialog on exit eliminated.
  9. Runtime: If using a EULA, do not call Form1_onshow() or Main() until accepted.
  10. Samples: Update WebSockets sample for iOS 7.

Version 3.2.3

  1. Controls: Add missing image to jQM RadioButton.
  2. Controls: Tweak Grid again.
  3. Deploy: Fix FastClick logic
  4. IDE: Save Code Window automatically when moving to new form.
  5. Samples: Need to turn off FastClick in ColorPicker.


  1. Controls: Fix problem with checked OptionButton.
  2. Controls: Fix problem with placeHolder definition on JQW Input.
  3. Controls: Fix TitleBar with only a right button.
  4. Controls: Single quotes now OK in iWebKit button name.
  5. Deploy: Local deploy now writes out config.xml, so Github can be used with PhoneGap.
  6. Deploy: Refresh Deploy now works to
  7. Deploy: Size of SQLite database export file reduced.
  8. Grid.add() was not declaring newRowNo as local.
  9. IDE: Make statusbar black-transluscent the default on new projects for iOS7.
  10. Language: Sort function was not declaring x and y as local.
  11. Translator: athens="athens" fixed.

Version 3.2.1

  1. Controls: allow double quotes in class property.
  2. Controls: Fix problems setting readonly, hidden and disabled.
  3. Controls: Get rid of error message if no onvisibilitychange function.
  4. Demo: reset demo counter
  5. Deploy: Fix problem in manifest.
  6. IDE: Disable splitting in Design Screen/Code Window

Version 3.2.0

  1. Code Window: Improve false negative checking on For/Next
  2. Code Window: More than one form's code can be shown at a time. In Form Properties, select 'script' to bring up a new window with the script.
  3. Code Window: select word, right click to search documentation.
  4. Controls: % height on TextBox control improved.
  5. Controls: Grid padding fixed.
  6. Controls: User defined Orientation messages fixed.
  7. Controls: Messages on Orientation control can be more than one line.
  8. Controls: some css warnings fixed.
  9. Controls: complexfunctions.js creates controls using innerHTML, not document.write. Faster app startup!
  10. Controls: onclick moved from html to JavaScript.
  11. Controls: complexfunctions functions moved into NSB object.
  12. Controls: Video control can now use streaming video (rtsp://) as a source.
  13. Deploy: Encode database rewritten for more speed and stability.
  14. Deploy: Option for Build Desktop App added to Run menu.
  15. Deploy: Images on image controls are now automatically uploaded to
  16. Documentation: New Tech Note: Making Desktop Apps
  17. Documentation: New Tech Note: PhoneGap Debugger
  18. Design Screen: Multiple operations are now performed together, improving performance (Over 20x faster!)
  19. Design Screen: Less file updating on refresh. Faster!
  20. Design Screen: Only the current form is refreshed, not all. Faster!
  21. IDE: Add message for potential destructive Save As.
  22. IDE: iPhone 5 format added (iOS7)
  23. IDE: Meta info stripped from images.
  24. IDE: PhoneGap Debugger integration added.
  25. IDE: View Design on menu grayed out when it needs to be.
  26. IDE: Project events are now defined and will appear in the Code Window: ondeviceorientation, onorientationchange, onvisibilitychange
  27. IDE: Initial directory properly set on first time user.
  28. IDE: Add option to Project Properties to turn FastClick off.
  29. Installer: Windows File Explorer description is now NSB/AppStudio Project.
  30. iOS7: New Date and Time inputTypes for TextBox.
  31. iOS7: New iOS7 sample
  32. iOS7: New onpageshow and onpagehide events.
  33. iOS7: New ProgressBar control.
  34. iOS7: New iHearVoices text to speech sample.
  35. iOS7: Add to Home Screen updated for iOS 7.
  36. jQuery Mobile: Updated to 1.3.2.
  37. jqWidgets: "commercial" added to description.
  38. jqWidgets: opens files on jqWidgets site using https.
  39. jqWidgets: Update location of Grid images to match new jqWidgets.
  40. jqWidgets: Update name of file Calendar uses to match new jqWidgets.
  41. Properties Window: 'script' property added to form.
  42. Properties Window: Now uses a Code Window to edit properties with multiple lines.
  43. Runtime: fix source code not appearing in Chrome Debugger.
  44. Samples: Classes sample added.
  45. Samples: GoogleMapsAPIv3 sample added.
  46. Translator: \ operator now does an integer divide.
  47. Translator: False negative on FOR NEXT STEP fixed.
  48. Translator: Fix a=b=c
  49. Translator: If a=0 Then a=b[y] Else a=c[y] fixed.
  50. Translator: myObject.someFunc = myFunc now works.
  51. Translator: if a=0 then a=b[y] else a=c[y]
  52. Translator: If a=b then f.e=c else f.e=d
  53. Translator: _ in function or sub name
  54. Translator: If x is nothing
  55. Translator: Set func-ref = getref("test_func")

Breaking changes

  1. Some controls are no longer fully created on startup. That mean if you set properties in your global code, the control may not be ready. The solution is to move the code into Sub Main() or the Form_onshow() event.
  2. There is now a Project Property to turn off FastClick. The old method does not work any more.

Updates to 3.1


  1. jqWidgets: Updated Grid control to match jqWidget's new directory structure
  2. jqWidgets: Added new themes: Arctic, Orange and Metro Black.

Version 3.1.7

  1. Status Bar: Show left, top coordinates of selected control.
  2. Code Window: jqmButton: .icon, iconPos autocomplete removed.
  3. Translation: Swedish translation complete (Thanks, Roger Lindfors!)
  4. Translator: If InStr(misc.runTotal, "=") <> 0 Then Exit Function fixed.
  5. Translator: If _logbookkey is null Or _logbookkey = "" Then fixed.
  6. Translator: t += "src='://chart" & b & "' '" & CStr(b) & "' h='" & CStr(c) & "'>" fixed.

Version 3.1.6

  1. About Screen: Add Copy to Clipboard button on View Log screen.
  2. About Screen: Make View Log screen resizeable.
  3. Code Window: Case of Top, Left, Width and Height fixed in autocomplete.
  4. Code Window: View JavaScript screen is now resizable.
  5. Code Window: Problem with code folding and comments fixed.
  6. Controls: Do not redefine binding if it exists already.
  7. Controls: FlipToggle (jQM) can now use percentages.
  8. Controls: Line control default properties now set.
  9. Controls: Mini mode improved for CheckBox and RadioButton.
  10. Controls: NSB.MsgBox now uses FastClick.
  11. Controls: src property is now a string input, not a file picker.
  12. Controls: jqW contorls now have extended bounds properties.
  13. Controls: 'mini' removed from autocomplete on several controls.
  14. Controls: ontouchmove event added to Project Properties.
  15. Controls: Fix problem with design disabled controls not enabling at runtime.
  16. Design Screen: wait cursor is shown when refreshing.
  17. IDE: .html files no longer created in Samples folder.
  18. IDE: Ctrl A now selects all.
  19. IDE: Deploy location now shows on the Status Bar.
  20. IDE: If firstform is not set properly, the first form is chosen instead.
  21. Installer: On Windows, samples are now saved in Program Files.
  22. Installer: Samples work when installed by Admin, but used by another user.
  23. Project Explorer: The framework is now shown next to the control.
  24. Project Properties: New phoneGapLanguages properties sets PhoneGap languages.
  25. Runtime: Erase can now have up to 7 args.
  26. Runtime: Erase now sets array elements to 0 or "".
  27. Runtime: FormatNumber no longer does -,500,000.00
  28. Runtime: For a = b To c Step d now works when d<0.
  29. Runtime: Possible endless loop on For/Next fixed.
  30. Samples: Add Email button to Camera sample.
  31. Samples: PhoneGapAPI updated to use latest PhoneGap specs.
  32. ToolBox: 'mini' is no longer on autocomplete list.
  33. Translator: a[i] Mod 256 fixed.
  34. Translator: If a then If b The c=1 Else d=1 fixed.
  35. Translator: If a=1 And b=2 And (c(1)=1 Or c(2)=1) Then... fixed.
  36. Translator: If Not a And b Then... fixed.
  37. Translator: If t>3 the MsgBox "ol":a=1 fixed.
  38. Translator: a="$$$$$+$$$$$+" fixed.

Version 3.1.5

  1. Controls: jqxCalendar now responded to clicks as well (including FastClick)
  2. Controls: jqxGrid should now work with percentage widths.
  3. IDE: Updated projects had wrong default value for FullScreen.
  4. Installer: Certificate updated for another year.
  5. Runtime: Changes to dialogs to be compatible with more browsers.
  6. Runtime: Fix problem in TimeValue() function.
  7. Runtime: Tweaks to improve operation on IE10. Still not officially supported.
  8. Samples: Facebook sample updated to use full URL.
  9. Samples: Background sample tweaked to work with jQuery Mobile.
  10. Samples: New Compass sample.
  11. Translator: Fix problem with underscores in function names.

Version 3.1.4

  1. Controls: List.getItem() no longer returns garbage characters at end.
  2. Controls: TextArea resizes properly at runtime.
  3. Deploy: New server much faster and more stable.
  4. Deploy: Option to run app from test server after Deploy.
  5. Deploy: Old files cleared on each Deploy.
  6. Deploy: Running in sped up by copying less files.
  7. Design Screen: Choosing control in Project Explorer now selects it in Design Screen.
  8. Properties: Reverted color picker to a text field, so 'transparent' can be entered.
  9. Runtime: Replace("ABCD", "|" , " ") fixed.
  10. Samples: New SAP sample.
  11. Samples: PhoneGapAPI now includes latest Barcode implementation.
  12. Translator: A ^ 1.5 + A ^ 1.5 fixed.
  13. Translator: 'If a = 1 Then a = {from: 1}' fixed.
  14. Translator: "Function General_FormatDate()" fixed.


  1. Controls: Fix HeaderBars (etc) so they are full width again.
  2. Images: Show relative path, not absolute path.
  3. Images: Allow 'none' for no image.

Version 3.1.3

  1. Controls: New Line control.
  2. Controls: Audio and Video now use File picker instead of image picker.
  3. Controls: Grid now defaults to scrollable, auto width.
  4. Controls: Grid now has right and bottom properties.
  5. Controls: Image control percent sizing fixed.
  6. Controls: jQM TextArea background color can now be set.
  7. Controls: Make fullscreen=true the default for forms.
  8. Controls: NSB.MsgBox - Suppress heading line if blank on Android.
  9. Controls: jqxCalender: error message fixed.
  10. Find: Do not search for empty find string.
  11. IDE: Check for Updates improved.
  12. IDE: Do not validate again once serial number is OK.
  13. IDE: Error on shutdown fixed.
  14. IDE: image paths are now stored using forward slashes only.
  15. Properties: File picker works like image picker.
  16. Properties: Image thumbnails update properly.
  17. Runtime: Mod function fixed.
  18. Runtime: DatePart Week number calculation fixed.
  19. Samples: New DragDrop sample.
  20. Samples: New PopUpForm sample.
  21. Samples: New Line sample.
  22. Samples: New GridWithButtons sample for jqxGrid.

Version 3.1.2

  1. Controls: New jqWidgets CheckBox control. (Thanks, Helen!)
  2. Controls: Audio and Video can accept URLs in the src field again.
  3. Controls: jQM List can now accept a % width.
  4. Controls: jQM List now has a new ReadOnly property.
  5. Controls: jqWidgets controls can now accept % bounds.
  6. Project Properties: Values for default images are now blank.
  7. Runtime: AppTitle now returns the title of the app.
  8. Runtime: Error on Android 2.2 fixed.
  9. Samples: New jqWidgets CheckBox sample.
  10. Translator: Fix 'Not A and B'

Version 3.1.1

  1. Controls: AppStudio updated to work with jqWidgets 2.8.3.
  2. IDE: Images in Project Properties now use Image Picker.
  3. IDE: Bug in form/code import fixed.
  4. Deploy: Problem exporting SQLite files fixed.
  5. Docs: most samples now have JavaScript as well as BASIC.

Version 3.1.0

  1. Control Bounds properties: left, top, width and height can now be a percent value of screen size.
  2. Controls: New PhotoGallery control (thanks, Erkan!)
  3. Controls: New Rating control (thanks, Erkan!)
  4. Controls: New Input control. (thanks, Helen!)
  5. Controls: New ColorPicker control. (thanks, Helen!)
  6. Controls: Color fields now have a slick picker.
  7. Controls: Added verticalAlign property to Label.
  8. Controls: Added .hide() and .show() to jQM RadioButton.
  9. Controls: Added right and bottom properties to most controls.
  10. Controls: Add "auto" as a value for bounds. Value is then derived from other info.
  11. Controls: ScrollHeight property eliminated from all controls. Actual height used.
  12. Controls: Add touchend event.
  13. Controls: Image, Audio and Video now have a file picker for src.
  14. Controls: Image, Audio and Video add src to manifest automatically.
  15. Code Window: Syntax checking disabled for JavaScript.
  16. Code Window: New code module defaults to project's language.
  17. Design Screen: Grid no longer draws outside its bounds if scrolling.
  18. Deploy: Downloading a file from PhoneGap no longer leaves user signed on.
  19. Deploy: html file written to project folder as well.
  20. Deploy: configxml improved for Apple Store submissions.
  21. Forms: Added fullScreen property. If set, form is set to runtime screen size.
  22. IDE: 'firstform' property updated if form's ID is changed.
  23. IDE: Crash when closing the last tab on top of the Design Screen prevented (Mac).
  24. IDE: Problem with Chinese unicode pathnames on Windows fixed.
  25. IDE: Toolbox descriptions now appear in the Help area.
  26. IDE: Error with pulled out window fixed.
  27. IDE: About screen shows Demo mode properly.
  28. IDE: View Log now handles UTF-8 characters properly.
  29. IDE: PyV8 updated.
  30. Runtime: NSB.InputBox is now Android style on Chrome and Android. (thanks, Doug!)
  31. Runtime: NSB.MsgBox is now Android style on Chrome and Android. (thanks, Doug!)
  32. Runtime: NSB.MsgBoxStyle overrides default. Values are "" for iOS, "-android" for Android style.
  33. Runtime: TypeName("String 1") fixed.
  34. Runtime: CInt("&h100") now returns 256.
  35. Samples: Added Pixastic sample (Thanks, Hussain!)
  36. Samples: Added PhotoGallery sample (Thanks, Erkan!)
  37. Samples: Added Rating sample. (Thanks, Erkan!)
  38. Samples: Added Input sample. (Thanks, Helen!)
  39. Samples: Added CameraToServer sample. (Thanks, Mike!)
  40. Samples: Added ColorPicker sample. (Thanks, Helen!)
  41. Samples: Fixes to many samples.
  42. Samples: Chart now has BASIC and JavaScript versions.
  43. Translator: Fixed parsing error on invalid If Then ElseIf statement.
  44. Translator: rndTest=1 parses properly.
  45. Translator: Referencing function name immediately after function translates properly.
  46. Translator: Function MyObj.myFunction() translates properly.

Updates to 3.0

Version 3.0.10

  1. Controls: Image control now displays src image immediately.
  2. Controls: jqWidgets have new pathname property.
  3. Controls: src in Image control now added to manifest automatically.
  4. Design Screen: Changed background image now updates immediately.
  5. IDE: Add 'View Logs' button to About screen.
  6. IDE: New form now has proper default programming language.
  7. IDE: Programming language preference is now saved.
  8. Sample: WebSockets sample updated to latest RFC. Should work in iOS 6, Android 4.
  9. Samples: Problem with Save As fixed.

Version 3.0.9

  1. Runtime: New FastClick feature: clicks on mobile device react much more quickly now.
  2. Installer: Project running from a different drive than the installation will not have a blank Design Screen.
  3. Run: Error when starting app in Chrome fixed.

Version 3.0.8

  1. Code Window: If language is JavaScript, event functions are created properly.
  2. Deploy: Do not include hidden files in manifest.
  3. IDE: Do not allow dashes in Property IDs.
  4. IDE: Opening an invalid project name no longer throws an error.
  5. jQuery Mobile: Updated to 1.3.1
  6. jQuery: Updated to 1.9.1
  7. Runtime: Allow Print to be customized.
  8. Runtime: NSB.Print can be used from JavaScript
  9. Samples: Add display pdf to HTMLview.
  10. Samples: New Emoji sample.
  11. Samples: New Print sample.
  12. Samples: New WaitCursor sample.
  13. ToolBox: Orientation now allows single quote signs in text.

Version 3.0.7

  1. Deploy: Error on incorrect PhoneGap log in fixed.
  2. Deploy: PhoneGap settings are project specific as well.
  3. Design Screen: TextArea no longer expands if text too large.
  4. Design Screen: Pasted controls remain selected.
  5. Design Screen: Pasting multiple controls does not go into a loop.
  6. Design Screen: Projects with SQLImport no longer have problems.
  7. Design Screen: Form style now shows properly.
  8. Design Screen: No longer compiles code.
  9. Design Screen: Outline of selected control changed to dotted.
  10. Design Screen: View...Design Grid fixed.
  11. Docs: On Mac OS, do not use 'US International Keyboard'.
  12. Deploy: Problem deploying to PhoneGap account fixed.
  13. Deploy: Add splash screen timeout to Phonegap configxml
  14. IDE: General cleanup to internals of project open/save/close
  15. IDE: Minimum iOS version is now documented as 4.3
  16. IDE: Projects in read only folder can now be opened.
  17. IDE: Registry problem with unicode fixed.
  18. IDE: Error in Save As into same folder fixed.
  19. IDE: When switching forms, sometime the form would be selected, not the control.
  20. IDE: Use of temp folders improved.
  21. IDE: Default folder selection improved.
  22. IDE: Fix language selection bug on startup.
  23. IDE: Folders in manifest work with Save As now.
  24. IDE: Accomodate odd folder names like $$DEVELOPER$$
  25. Internationalization: Several languages have had much more translated.
  26. Language: Add SysInfo(5) - returns device pixel ratio.
  27. Samples: Folder is now read only.
  28. ToolBox: jqxGrid: SelectMode now allows multiplecellsextended
  29. ToolBox: Multiple ToolTips now allowed.
  30. Toolbox: popupmsg editor improved.
  31. ToolBox: ToolTip icon can now be changed.
  32. ToolBox: Select.addItem() now adds value of 0 correctly.
  33. ToolBox: jQM RadioButton.value() nows returns values starting with 1, not 0. Possible breaking change.
  34. Toolbox: PopUp control improved - still a test control.

Version 3.0.6

  1. Deploy: Preferences can now be set for individual projects. This is done in Preferences: prefs can be set for the Global Location (all projects) or Project Location (the current project).
  2. IDE: (Mac) Environment error fixed.
  3. IDE: Shortcuts on menus should be fixed in French and other languages.
  4. IDE: Unicode problem with browser start fixed.
  5. Runtime: Fixed problem with form not restoring properly after keyboard shown.
  6. Samples: Add new features to jqWidgets Grid
  7. Toolbox: Always load iScroll if EULA is enabled.
  8. Toolbox: jQuery Mobile TextArea no longer resizes if text does not fit.
  9. Toolbox: New ToolTip control (Thanks, Erkan Kaplan!)
  10. Toolbox: Orientation message is now customizable.
  11. Toolbox: Test version of PopUp control added.

Version 3.0.5

  1. Design Screen: Alt-arrow keys can be used to nudge controls.
  2. Controls: ComboBox: setIndex() is now zero based, to be consistent with other calls. (Used to be 1 based - could be a breaking change if you use this function)
  3. Controls: ComboBox: setText() added.
  4. Controls: ComboBox: setValue() fixed.
  5. Controls: jqxGrid: Export function now works.
  6. Controls: jqxGrid: Grouping now works. Make sure groupcolumnrenderer is blank, not null.
  7. Controls: MultiInput: Width can now be set in Design Screen and runtime. Top fixed.
  8. Controls: PictureBox: Width and Height can now be set at runtime.
  9. Controls: RadioButton and Grid: .Width now works.
  10. Project Explorer: Right click to delete form works.
  11. Runtime: Calculation error in Month() function fixed.
  12. Samples: jqWidget SwitchButton sample improved.
  13. Samples: jqWidget ListBox sample improved.
  14. Samples: Signature sample improved.
  15. IDE: Regional versions of languages revert to main version.
  16. IDE: Toolbox blanking out has been fixed.
  17. PhoneGap updated to 2.5.0.

Version 3.0.4

  1. Grid: Should work as it did in 2.6
  2. Controls: refresh() on a non scrolling control now does nothing.
  3. RadioButton: Height should work better. Setting Height and Width on jQM version lets these properties be calculated automatically.
  4. Date, DateTime, Month and Time: should position properly.

Version 3.0.3

  1. Grid: Left, Top, Width and Height should now work well.
  2. RadioButton: iWebKit RadioButton now OK in same app as jQM controls.
  3. RadioButton: Now resizes height properly on Design Screen.
  4. RadioButton: New .getItemCount function
  5. jqxGrid: Now includes jxqnumberinput.js
  6. PictureBox: Now sizes properly using Left, Top, Width, Height and resize.
  7. List: Now sizes properly using Left, Top, width, height and resize.
  8. jQuery Mobile 1.3: Final release version now included.

If you have been using the _scroller or _wrapper tag as a workaround to manipulate controls, it will no longer work. Change your code to use Left, Top, Width and Height directly to the control.

Version 3.0.2

  1. Code Window: Changing Language automatically resets the Code Window
  2. Language: control.left automatically becomes control.Left (same with top, width and height) on first deploy. As a result, it will take longer the first time and return to normal thereafter.
  3. Translation files updates: Thai is now complete!

Version 3.0.1

  1. Code Window: Block commenting for JavaScript fixed.
  2. Mac: Find dialog raised when invoked - it was getting lost.
  3. Properties Window: The id property must start with a letter.
  4. Runtime: control.resize fixed.
  5. ToolBox: ComboBox.selectedIndex() fixed.
  6. ToolBox: Label (and others) can now have unicode characters.

Version 3.0.0


  1. Mac OS 10.7 and later is now supported.
  2. Native IDE support is substantially complete for 17 languages
  3. Multiple frameworks can be used in the same project
  4. New Preferences screen.
  5. Preferences screen now has IDE language picker.
  6. About Screen now has a View Log button to view the latest error in the IDE. Cmd-click (Mac) or Ctrl-click (Win) on the button to open the log folder.
  7. Error reporting improved.
  8. Framework prompt removed from New Project.
  9. Framework property removed from Project Properties.
  10. ID of Code Module can now be changed.
  11. Installing on a path with unicode chars (like umlaut) now works.
  12. New AppStudio icon
  13. New globalfont property.
  14. New HomescreenTitle property (for iOS)
  15. New Project dialog rewritten.
  16. Open Sample dialog rewritten.
  17. Product name changed from NS Basic/App Studio to NSB/AppStudio.
  18. Registry keys now support unicode.
  19. Project IDs can now have unicode.
  20. The first time an app is run in the new version, it will take a bit longer to compile. It will be normal thereafter.
  21. JavaScript can be specified as the language in Form Properties.
  22. JavaScript can be specified as the language in Code Module Properties.

Design Screen

  1. Major rewrite
  2. Clicking in the area outside the Design Screen no longer messes up the cursor.
  3. Highlighting of controls works much more consistently.
  4. Multiple select dragging works
  5. New drag handles on controls
  6. New tab at bottom to switch to Code Window
  7. Right click to switch to Code Window

Code Window

  1. Allow up to 99999 lines in a file
  2. Autocomplete added for localStorage, sessionStorage and location
  3. Block comment respects language setting
  4. Cyrillic text can now be pasted in
  5. Don't autocase .close
  6. Find/Replace improved.
  7. Fix false syntax error on Try
  8. Fix problem with autocase on Replace()
  9. JavaScript support improved
  10. New tab at bottom to switch to Design Screen
  11. Right click to switch to Design Screen
  12. Right click to view JavaScript
  13. Shortcut pulldown now sorted as case insensitive.
  14. The case of control names is autocorrected.
  15. Autocomplete will not happen in the middle of a string


  1. PhoneGap: Add missing keyword argument.
  2. PhoneGap: Add support for PhoneGap 2.4RC1
  3. Recover gracefully if file missing.
  4. Handle unicode characters in SQLite database


  1. Language: NSB.EULA added.
  2. Language: NSB.ShowProgress added.
  3. Language: Print made much more useful.
  4. Language: Removed NSBFramework global variable.
  5. Language: SQLImport() improved.
  6. Progress message on loading improved.
  7. Runtime: If form does not have onsubmit code, ignore keyboard Go button.
  8. Runtime: NSB.InputBox and NSB.MsgBox no longer leak clicks to underlying buttons.
  9. Runtime: NSB.InputBox and NSB.MsgBox now more responsive on touch screen devices.
  10. Runtime: Tweaks to SysInfo(2), SysInfo(3) and SysInfo(4).


  1. jQuery: Updated to 1.9.0
  2. Library: Add2home updated for iPhone 5.
  3. Library: Update iScroll to 4.2.2.


  1. Camera sample enhanced for iOS6.
  2. Descriptions updated.
  3. Headerbar sample improved.
  4. Moved to My Documents/AppStudio Samples. (Win)
  5. New BusyIndicator sample.
  6. New JqxChart sample.
  7. New MinecraftSim sample. Shows off extreme PictureBox.
  8. New NSBInput sample.
  9. New Orientation sample.
  10. New samples: Grid, JqxTree, Menu, Grid_Northwind, JqxListBox
  11. Northwind sample enhanced to show an update.
  12. Old format manifest entries updated.
  13. SAP sample updated to use better PGP script.
  14. Themeroller sample improved.


  1. To move controls, use .Left, .Top, .Width and .Height (note first letter is capitalized.)
  2. Add new Orientation control.
  3. Added contenteditable property.
  4. Adsense: does not display if offline or not on a mobile device.
  5. All controls now hide if hidden=true.
  6. Controls can have their own clientBoundingRect.
  7. Controls from different frameworks can be used in the same project
  8. Get rid of _offsetX, _offsetY in toolbox files.
  9. Get rid of NSBWidget base control
  10. Grid: fix scrolling error
  11. HTMLView: fix scrolling error
  12. More properties and keywords added.
  13. Show 'False' in Property Window if control not hidden.
  14. Toolbox reorganzed

jQuery Mobile

  1. Updated to Version 1.3. Read about the changes here.
  2. Button: Groups now work differently (breaking change!)
  3. FlipToggle width can be changed.
  4. Footerbar no longer gets an error if no click routine is defined.
  5. HeaderBar, NavBar and FooterBar no longer get errors if there are spaces in the button name. The value sent to the click event will replace the spaces with "_" characters.
  6. List width can be changed.
  7. RadioButton can now adjust height, width and font size in IDE.
  8. Select: Groups now work differently (breaking change!)
  9. Hidden and Readonly properties fixed.


  1. Add 11 new themes.
  2. Control id can now be changed.
  3. Files are loaded from jqWidgets website, not locally.
  4. New Calendar control.
  5. New Grid control.
  6. New ListBox control.
  7. New Menu control.
  8. New RadialGauge control
  9. New SwitchButton control
  10. New Tree control.
  11. ToolBox now uses jqWidget icons


  1. Default iWebKit button has improved border styling.
  2. This framework used to be called Classic. It is no longer being maintained by its author.


  1. All documentation has been converted into a Wiki. All of the existing Handbook, Language Reference, Technotes and Tutorials have been merged into it.
  2. The IDE now points to the correct spot in the Wiki.
  3. Wiki can run offline, but search function does not work.


  1. a=Abs(Abs(1)) translates incorrectly.
  2. Allow expressions in Select.
  3. Case "Narcis" fixed.
  4. Case clauses can now have multiple comma separated values.
  5. Code indentation improved.
  6. Compile: Fix intermittent crash on compile with SQLite.
  7. Dim a(10): a(1).test=1 fixed.
  8. exp() and atn() fixed.
  9. Expression with comma in string could add extra space character.
  10. Fix Not in If statements.
  11. Fix using function name in SetTimeout.
  12. Hour(x) function argument is now used.
  13. InStr() and Replace() now handle vbTextCompare properly.
  14. IsDate("testing") returned true.
  15. Line continuation in comments did not work properly.
  16. Problem with DatePart("w") fixed.