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Language Reference

Abs() Function

Ajax() Function

And Operator

Array() Function

Asc() Function

Atn() Function

Call() Statement

ChangeForm() Function

Chr() Function

Const() Statement

Conversions Function

Cos() Function

Date Function

DateAdd() Function

DateDiff() Function

DatePart() Function

DateSerial() Function

DateValue() Function

Day() Function

Debugger Statement

Dim() Statement

Do...Loop Statement

Eqv Operator

Erase() Statement

Escape() / unEscape() Function

Eval() Function

Events Control

Execute() Statement

Exit Statement

Exp() Function

Filter() Function

Fix() Function

For...Next Statement

For Each...Next Statement

Form Control

Format() Functions

Function() Statement

GetLocale() Function

GetRef() Function

GetURLParameter() Function

Hex() Function

Hour() Function

Html Statement

If...Then...Else Statement

Imp() Function

InputBox() Function

Instr/InstrRev() Function

Int() Function

Is Operator

Is() Function

Javascript...End Javascript Statement

Join() Function

Json.Parse() Function

Json.Stringify() Function

Lbound() Function

Lcase() Function

Left() Function

Len() Function

LocalStorage Object

Location Object

Log() Function

Log10() Function

Ltrim() Function

Mid() Function

Minute() Function

Mod Operator

Month() Function

MonthName() Function

MsgBox() Function

Not Operator

Now Function

NsbVersion Global

NSB.InputBox() Function

Nsb.MsgBox() Function

Nsb.ShowProgress() Function

Oct() Function

Or Operator

Print() Statement

Properties and Methods Control

ReadFile() Function

Redim() Statement

Rem() Statement

Replace() Function

Rgb() Function

Right() Function

Rnd Function

Round() Function

Rtrim() Function

Second() Function

Select Case() Statement

SessionStorage Object

Set() Statement

SetTimeOut Function

Sgn() Function

Sin() Function

Sleep Statement

Sort() Function

Space() Function

Split() Function

Sql() Statement

SqlExport() Function

SqlImport() Statement

SqlOpenDataBase() Function

Sqr() Function

StrComp() Function

String() Function

StrReverse() Function

Sub() Statement

SysInfo() Function

Tan() Function

Time Function

TimeSerial() Function

TimeValue() Function

Trim() Function

Try...Catch Statement

TypeName() Function

Ubound() Function

Ucase() Function

VarType() Function

WaitCursor Statement

Weekday() Function

WeekdayName() Function

With...End With Statement

While...Wend Statement

Xor Operator

Year() Function


Adsense All

Audio All

Button All

ButtonBar iWebKit

CheckBox All

ComboBox iWebKit

Date, DateTime All

Facebook All

FlipToggle jQuery

Footerbar jQuery

Grid All

HeaderBar jQuery

HtmlView All

Image All

Label All

List jQuery

Menu iWebKit

MenuNumberTitleDescArrow iWebKit

MenuNumberTitleTime iWebKit

MenuTextBlock iWebKit

Month All

MultiInput iWebKit

NavBar jQuery

Paypal All

PictureBox All

PopUp jQuery

RadioButton All

Select jQuery

Slider All

TextArea All

TextBox All

Time All

TitleBar iWebKit

ToolTip jQuery

Twitter All

Video All