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If you own a previous version of AppStudio, you need to buy the upgrade to use Version 5. You can do this from within the app or from our order form.

Until you have bought the upgrade, you can use AppStudio 5 in Demo mode. Once you buy, your copy will convert automatically to the full version.


  1. Installer: Windows Code Signing certificate upgraded to SHA-256 to meet Microsoft's requirements.
  2. Controls: Listview's readonly mode fixed.
  3. Localization: Romanian complete (Thanks, Mircea!). All files updated.
  4. IDE: Errors in copy/paste and renaming controls fixed.


  1. Samples: Open Samples now shows all samples.
  2. Samples: PhoneGapMedia updated to use latest working version of control.
  3. Controls: lineColor and LineWidth fixed in Signature control.
  4. Toolbox: Files reorganized by framework.


  1. All: Copyright date is now 2016.
  2. Chrome Icon: Home Screen icon updated for Chrome 47.
  3. Chrome SplashScreen: Add Description property.
  4. Chrome SplashScreen: If orientation is "natural", set value to default (blank).
  5. Chrome SplashScreen: Use homescreenTitle property if set up.
  6. Controls: Twitter Follow now follows 'user'.
  7. Localization: Language files updated. Thanks, translators!
  8. Libraries: jQuery updated to 2.2.0
  9. PhoneGap: Sound files get deployed with project.
  10. Project Properties: Fix StopOnError so it can be turned off.
  11. Runtime: PlaySound refactored for consistency with PlayTone.
  12. Runtime: Fix problem with PlaySound filenames.
  13. Samples: PhoneGap samples now have icons.
  14. Samples: New PhoneGapMedia sample.
  15. Toolbox files: new !i conversion.


  1. Installer: Fix version number
  2. Preferences: Fix item graying out.
  3. ToolBox: Add new files to jqxColorPicker
  4. Runtime: Fix errors in older devices without Audio support.

Version 5.2.0

  1. Language: New PlayTone function.
  2. Chrome Web Apps: Can now have splash screens.
  3. Project Properties: new 'enableAppScrolling' flag.
  4. ToolBox: Users can now define their own Toolbox files.
  5. Code Window: Functions List appears when switching forms.
  6. Code Window: Multiline Function statements show properly in Function List.
  7. Code Window: right click 'Goto Function' now has 'return' to previous position.
  8. Documentation: Wik and localization files updated.
  9. Script Window: Undo cannot wipe initial contents of script window.
  10. Controls: Container has a new center property. (Thanks, Buck!)
  11. Controls: HTMLView backgroundcolor now works.
  12. Controls: Signature is now responsive.
  13. Controls: Signature no longer needs to be initialized - easier to use.
  14. Controls: jqxTab's disabled property fixed.
  15. Controls: Grid.addCols(n) now sets id properly for n>1.
  16. Controls: YouTube now has style property.
  17. Controls: GoogleMaps.mapMaker defaults to false, bounds fixed.
  18. Design Screen: Grid resizes on rotation.
  19. Design Screen: Turning on Grid no longer creates scrollbar.
  20. Design Screen: Fix timing problem when opening external libraries.
  21. Design Screen: Rotate resets zoom picker properly.
  22. Design Screen: Copy and paste a Container now updates Project Explorer.
  23. IDE: Disallow keywords as form names.
  24. Preferences: New Toolbox path option in Advanced tab.
  25. Project Properties: remove obsolete 'minimalUI' flag.
  26. Project Properties: Syntax coloring turned off for 'manifest' and other properties.
  27. Property Editor: Edit window can be left open for many more properties.
  28. Runtime: Eliminate flicker on startup when project background color is set.
  29. Samples: Update Twitter sample.
  30. Samples: New PlayTone sample.
  31. Samples: All OpenWeatherMap samples now use API Key.
  32. Samples: GoogleMap and GoogleMapsV3 now show and hides traffic.
  33. Samples: SensorNotRequired warning from Google Maps fixed.
  34. Samples: New AppScrollFixedHeader sample
  35. Samples: New AppScrollLongForm sample.
  36. Samples: New AppScrollAbsolute sample. (Thanks, Jamal!)
  37. Samples: New ChromeSplash sample.

Version 5.1.3

  1. Code Windows: "new Object" no longer flagged as syntax error.
  2. Controls: Label align can be set in styleheaders
  3. Controls: HeaderBar is now responsive.
  4. Controls: HeaderBar can handle both ChangeForm properties and onclick code. (Thanks, Buck!)
  5. Controls: Panel improvements. (Thanks, Buck!)
  6. Controls: Google Maps modified to handle being offline gracefully.
  7. IDE: No longer crashes when styleheaders window is open. (Mac OS)
  8. Project Properties: New "enableBrowserArrows" property.
  9. Runtime: Browser back (and forward) buttons work with ChangeForm.
  10. Runtime: Form.onshow() runs without delay if no visual effect.
  11. Runtime: Page is sized properly if jQuery Mobile not used.
  12. Samples: New ReadAsText sample shows FileReader object.


  1. Translation: Fix error in Portuguese which broke the Container control.
  2. Controls: Google Maps has new setInfoWindow function. (Thanks, Buck!)
  3. Samples: All reset to use the default configxml, with latest PhoneGap changes.

Version 5.1.2

  1. Code Window: fix a false negative syntax message
  2. Controls: FlipToggle fixed on Windows 7 + IE11.
  3. Controls: Fix problem with Panels overlapping. (Thanks, Buck!)
  4. Design Screen: Add some retry/delays to deal with IE refresh issues.
  5. Design Screen: Fix problem with RTL languages.
  6. Libraries: revert jQuery-modal to 0.5.5. Newer version has issues.
  7. PhoneGap: Add new SplashScreen commands to configxml.
  8. Runtime: ChangeForm now calls onShow after transition completes.
  9. Runtime: Updates to speech support
  10. Runtime: Use system fonts where possible.
  11. Samples: New Breakout game sample using CodeHS library.

Version 5.1.1

  1. Language: new Speak(text, voice) function.
  2. MacOS: IDE language defaults to the local language.
  3. Education: New Kesbath Computer Games course.
  4. Controls: HTMLView - contentEditable fixed.
  5. IDE: Fix some spelling errors.
  6. Libraries: jQuery-modal bumped to 0.5.9
  7. MakeEXE: Python version bumped to 2.7.10
  8. Open Sample: Search results now much easier to see.
  9. Runtime: Python version bumped to 2.7.10
  10. Samples: New Speak sample.
  11. Samples: new SpeechSynthesis samples.
  12. Translations: Many of the translations are now caught up to Version 5.


  1. Projects: backgroundImages for Projects and Forms cleaned up.
  2. Forms: backgroundImage added to manifest automatically.
  3. MakeEXE: problem with window style attributes fixed.
  4. Forms, Projects: Gradient images work consistently in backgroundImage.
  5. Forms: If designHeight and designWidth are 0, they default to Form's height and width.

Version 5.1.0

  1. Support added for iOS 9.
  2. Support added for Windows 10.
  3. Support added for Mac OS El Capitan.
  4. Controls: new jqWidgets ComboBox Control
  5. Design Screen: New Rotate button switches between Portrait and Landscape.
  6. About: Display more information about license.
  7. AppStudio Server: new name for
  8. Code Window: don't case correct 'color'.
  9. Code Window: Fix formatting for 'End JavaScript'
  10. Code Window: Fix handling of lines starting with 'Rem'.
  11. Code Window: JavaScript code can now be formatted.
  12. Code Window: Code Module names should not cause variable case correction.
  13. Controls: Date, Time controls in jQM projects now have corners and shadows properties.
  14. Controls: Date, Time controls now behave in Containers
  15. Controls: Id added to Image contents: Function Image1_img_onerror() now works.
  16. Controls: jQM List - spaces in ChangeForm are now handled.
  17. Controls: Id of ProgressBar can now be changed.
  18. Controls: jQM TextBox: hidden and style properties fixed.
  19. Deploy: .php extension was being duplicated.
  20. Deploy: JavaScript files can now be placed in a folder in the Project Explorer.
  21. Documentation: Wiki and Locale files updated.
  22. Design Screen: New Rotate button switches between Portrait and Landscape.
  23. Design Screen: HeaderBar and Footerbar appear properly when zoomed.
  24. Design Screen: Controls cannot be added when zoomed.
  25. Design Screen: Was not displaying properly if jQM not being used.
  26. IDE: Intellisense no longer used on non BASIC/JavaScript code windows.
  27. IDE: NSBApp Debugger renamed AppStudio Server Debugger.
  28. IDE: Problem changing languages fixed.
  29. IDE: Tabs saved when changing projects.
  30. MakeEXE: Temp folder 'Build' deleted when complete.
  31. MakeEXE: The installer is now started after it is created.
  32. PhoneGap Build: Code and samples updated to use new 'npm' plugins.
  33. Properties Window: Enable ... editing on a number of project properties.
  34. Runtime: Check for ServerStorage improved.
  35. Runtime: Multiple apps from same server now have unique EULAs.
  36. Runtime: returns the name of the currently running app.
  37. Runtime: Patch for 'Uncaught Security Error' when running jQM project in a local folder.
  38. Samples: New ios3DTouch sample for iOS9 and new devices.
  39. Samples: Open Sample Dialog opens more quickly.
  40. Samples: New ProgressBar sample.
  41. Samples: New AndroidVibrate sample (recent Android devices only)
  42. ToolBox: Function names containing 'Sub' or 'Func' were displaying incorrectly.

Version 5.0.16

  1. Controls: RadioButton - fixes to iconPos and style.
  2. Design Screen: Crash closing and opening contexts fixed.
  3. IDE: Fix background images in IE11.
  4. IDE: Fix background images in style headers.
  5. MakeEXE: Fix crash at startup of EXE apps on some systems.
  6. Runtime: Fix problem in ChangeForm slide.
  7. Samples: New JSModeler sample. (Thanks, Adrian!)
  8. Translator: Fix false negative on x = Array()

Version 5.0.15

  1. Controls: Line bounds are now grouped.
  2. Controls: RadioButton width is now in the right place in the Property Window.
  3. Forms: jQuery Mobile theme can now be set for a form.
  4. Localization: Files updated. Indonesian is now complete.
  5. MakeEXE: Better messages and wait cursor.
  6. MakeEXE: Debug window no longer appears.
  7. MakeEXE: Windows Shell commands can now be executed.
  8. Samples: Possible error fixed when opening samples picker.

Version 5.0.14

  1. Code Window: Don't case correct "parse"
  2. Controls: Add corner property to TextArea, TextBox.
  3. Controls: Allow multiline style properties
  4. Controls: Eliminate default text-shadow on TextArea, TextBox
  5. Controls: Enable theme support for TextArea, TextBox.
  6. Controls: Make Container Responsive Design aware.
  7. Controls: Redo how TextBox is created.
  8. Controls: RadioButton horizontal in a Container fixed.
  9. MakeEXE: return error if evalPython fails.
  10. Samples: Add Globalization plugin to PhoneGapAPI sample.
  11. Samples: Add some folder descriptions.
  12. Translator: Fix a false negative.
  13. Translator: Fix bad translate of 'emptyData'

Version 5.0.13

  1. Controls: Style and Class properties should work for all controls.
  2. Controls: Containers cannot be nested.
  3. Controls: Grid.addRows(), addCols() add one each if no arg.
  4. Code Window: Do not capitalize style.
  5. Setup: Get Info for Windows now shows all data.
  6. Sample: Fixes to Background, Sprite, LabRotation
  7. IDE: Problem opening projects with code files fixed. (like upload.nsx)
  8. IDE: Projects cannot be saved with illegal file names.
  9. MakeEXE: New windowStyle property.
  10. MakeEXE: New EXE.pythonEval() function.
  11. MakeEXE: new execPython sample.
  12. Properties Windows: return takes you to the next property.
  13. Docs: Locale files updated.

Version 5.0.12

  1. Samples: All samples now have BASIC and JavaScript versions.
  2. Samples: new jPlayer streaming video sample (Thanks, Adrian!)
  3. Samples: new ResponsiveRotation sample.
  4. Build: Fix Mac OS 'Get Info' data.
  5. Controls: Don't set button margin to 0 if position is relative.
  6. StyleHeaders: Process last, so its rules have precedence.
  7. StyleHeaders: Update Design Screen on close.
  8. Translater: Fix 'else' embedded in variable name.
  9. Translator: Fix regular expression error in array/function.

Version 5.0.11

  1. Controls: Add min, max values to Date Pickers - speeds up Android.
  2. Controls: Allow vh, vw sizes (viewport height, viewport width)
  3. Controls: Fix error in jqWidgets Tabs control.
  4. Controls: NavBar, FooterBar: All spaces are now converted to underscores for event argument.
  5. Controls: NavBar, FooterBar: Design time style now used at runtime.
  6. Deploy: Get project path to jqWidgets correctly.
  7. Form: Default form height is now 100vh.
  8. Make EXE: Unicode characters are now allowed.
  9. PhoneGap Build Status: Improve iOS message.

Version 5.0.10

  1. Design Screen: Error when deleting control in a Container fixed.
  2. Samples: New sample using Chartjs library.
  3. Controls: Grid cellstyle property used when adding new rows.
  4. Controls: Make a number of controls behave better when using Responsive Design.
  5. jqWidgets: The path to the jqWidgets controls is now a Project Property.
  6. Controls: Formatting of NSB.MsgBox improved.
  7. Script Window: Allow other windows to be edited.

Breaking change:

  1. if you are using a local copy of jqWidgets, you need to set pathTo_jqWidgets in Project Properties.

Version 5.0.9

  1. Code Window: Much faster. Lag between keystrokes eliminated.
  2. Script Window: Lets you display code, but no longer to modify it.
  3. Modal Forms: Overlay parameter fixed.
  4. Design Screen: CSS files work again.
  5. Samples: New OpenStreetMaps/Leaflet sample (Thanks, Adrian!)
  6. Controls: Tune Footerbar defaults.
  7. Controls: List control had a problem with empty list.
  8. Code Window: Function tips work consistently.
  9. Documentation: Offline Wiki files updated.

Version 5.0.8

  1. Design Screen: Adding controls is now more than twice as fast.
  2. Project Explorer: Moving controls up and down about 8 times faster.
  3. Code Window: Intellisense for user functions much, much faster.
  4. ServerStorage: Docs for installing on your own server are now available.
  5. Controls: jqxGrid now handles % heights properly.
  6. Design Screen: Copy and Paste of Containers fixed.
  7. Design Screen: Zero value for designHeight, DesignWidth fixed.
  8. Project Explorer: Dragging and dropping sound files fixed.
  9. Design Screen: Scrollbar no longer appears when fullscreen is false.
  10. Controls: Select no longer shows gray circle for custom icon.
  11. Samples: New Swipe sample. (Thanks, Mike Burgher!)
  12. Localization: Thai is complete. (Thanks, Theprasit S.!)

Version 5.0.7

  1. Deploy: A message now appears if errors are encountered at runtime.
  2. Project Properties: New stopOnError property to hide runtime error messages.
  3. Controls: MsgBox appearance improved.
  4. Forms: Modal forms now have onhide and onshow events.
  5. EXE Files: Put on Start menu, not Startup files list.
  6. Code Window: False negative on location = fixed.
  7. DropBox: DataStore API is being deprecated by DropBox.

Version 5.0.6

  1. EXE files: Icon handling improved.
  2. Forms: Bounds now in a group
  3. Forms: Bounds can now be percent, "auto" or a value.
  4. Deploy: Code is only minimized when requested.
  5. Design Screen: extra time during startup allowed for.
  6. Controls: Minor path error in jqxDateTimeInput fixed.

Version 5.0.5

  1. EXE files: Support added for localStorage.
  2. EXE files: new properties for publisher, icon, title, height and width.
  3. EXE files: now run as a localServer
  4. Controls: jqxGrid was not initiated properly in jqWidgets 3.8.
  5. Deploy: fix encoding mode on LaunchIcon57.png.
  6. Deploy: jsmin fixed.
  7. jQuery: updated to 2.1.4
  8. Properties Window: Properties now have groups.
  9. Properties Window: Borders, Bounds, Fonts are grouped.
  10. Properties: for Chrome Packaged Apps removed.
  11. Samples: Grid sample cellrenderer fixed for jqWidgets 3.8.
  12. ToolBox: Function list was sometimes not refreshing.
  13. Translator: add some semicolons

Version 5.0.4

  1. jqWidgets: Library conflict caused by jqWidgets 3.8 fixed.
  2. Samples: new PhoneGapFileSystem sample.
  3. Languages: locale files updated.
  4. Native Build Status: now shows a wait cursor.

Version 5.0.3

  1. Deploy: Don't create manifest file if no caching.
  2. Deploy: PhoneGap CLI remembers to create config.xml
  3. Samples: new VisualEffects sample.
  4. Samples: several updates.
  5. Translator: Problems with Functions fixed.

Version 5.0.2

  1. Check for Update: Set up text for translation.
  2. Controls: Allow multiple entries for ChangeForm where needed.
  3. Controls: jqxEditor control now has grab handles in Design Screen for resizing.
  4. Controls: Panel - Fix how it appears on Design Screen. Remove unused properties.
  5. Controls: jqxTabs control now appears properly.
  6. Deploy: 'no cache' option added to Manifest File property.
  7. Forms: Improved reset() function. Thanks, Buck!
  8. Internal: Went back to wxPython 2.9.5 to solve problem with Spanish locale.
  9. Make EXE: correct delete file command in make script.
  10. Make EXE: Force a save before making exe.
  11. Samples: Update and rename ModalForm.
  12. Translation: Fix some tab characters.

Version 5.0.1

  1. Code Window: Format code problem fixed.
  2. Deploy: Adding/deleting files to Project Explorer forces full Deploy.
  3. Deploy: Don't change name of file when deploying.
  4. Deploy: Fix formatting error in manifest.
  5. Deploy: Warn users of spaces in file names.
  6. Forms: .reset() function is back.
  7. IDE: Design Screen now checks for Internet Explorer 11.
  8. Internals: pyExecJS not needed.
  9. Make exe: All needed folders are now included.
  10. Run menu: Replace "Make Desktop App" with 'Make exe'.

Version 5.0.0

Major New Features

  1. Responsive Design lets your app adapt smoothly to different screen sizes.
  2. Make Windows Executables (exe) apps.
  3. Ten new controls, including Container, Collapsible, Editor, Password Input and Window.
  4. Use Visual Effects to show forms.
  5. Use Modal Forms
  6. Internet Explorer 11 support.

IDE - General

  1. New look and feel for the IDE
  2. Tools Menu: New option to convert a BASIC project to JavaScript.
  3. Open Sample: Now allows nested folders, for better organization
  4. Open Sample: New Find option.
  5. About Screen: reformatted.
  6. Find: Opens with "Find What" selected.
  7. Help: now displays HTML formatted text with links.
  8. Open Sample: Samples are now sorted case insensitively.
  9. Project Properties: New styleheader property saves your styling rules.
  10. Properties Window: ChangeForm and firstform now have pickers.
  11. Properties Window: Events set properly on control copy and paste.
  12. Run menu: New Make Windows Executables (exe) App.
  13. Run menu: Improved menu names.
  14. Save: Saving a project no longer changes the Project ID.
  15. Startup: Projects with deprecated controls will get a message when loading is attempted.
  16. Startup: Splash screen on Mac OS startup no longer required.
  17. Startup: When project reopened, tabs are all reopened and same one returned to.
  18. View menu: New option to close all tabs.
  19. Installer: Checks if IE11 is installed on Windows
  20. Installer: Modifies registry so IE11 recognizes AppStudio.

Code Window

  1. Code Window: New clickable Function List appears in the Toolbox pane.
  2. Code Window: ToolTips now appear for user functions.
  3. Code Window: 'error' is no longer auto capitalized.
  4. Code Window: Code converted to JS is now beautified.
  5. Code Window: Error when typing 'screen.' fixed.
  6. Code Window: JSONP files are now edited as JSON files.
  7. Code Window: Problem with auto indentation fixed.

Design Screen

  1. Design Screen: controls are relative if their parent is.
  2. Design Screen: new zoom icon. Use this to shrink size of Design Screen. Disables drag and drop.
  3. Design Screen: controls can be grouped using Containers.
  4. Design Screen: Right click to lock controls from accidental position changes.
  5. Design Screen: Double click opens Code Window.
  6. Design Screen: Dump wxWebkit. Now smaller, faster.
  7. Design Screen: Internally uses IE to render controls.
  8. Design Screen: Paste now shows on the right click menu.
  9. Design Screen: Snap to grid is now gray, not black.

Project Explorer

  1. Project Explorer: Folders can now be dragged and dropped.
  2. Project Explorer: JSON files can now be dragged and dropped.
  3. Project Explorer: SQLite databases can now be dragged and dropped.
  4. Project Explorer: Delete file now has confirmation message.
  5. Project Explorer: Warning if drag and drop of existing file.


  1. ChangeForm() now supports visual effects.
  2. Ajax() can now have a callback as a second argument.
  3. Ajax() can now take an object for its parameters.
  4. Ajax() now supports a fail callback.
  5. ReadFile() can now be used asynchronously.
  6. Case normalization is now handled in Code Window
  7. Case normalization moved out of hfunc.js, killing hundreds of lines of code.
  8. Language version bumped. Existing projects will take longer to compile first time they are run using the new version.
  9. Map is now a keyword.
  10. Overlay() function deleted - it was obsolete.
  11. Referencing a control by name itself will return its value.
  12. Referencing a control by name will return a numeric if possible.
  13. Style/End Style deprecated. See 'Breaking Changes'.
  14. NSBCurrentForm changed to NSB.currentForm.
  15. Arrays no longer have to be declared in all modules.


  1. New: Container control for text, html and other controls.
  2. All: New methods to hide and show controls: fadeIn, fadeOut, slideUp, slideDown.
  3. All: Updated to work with IE11.
  4. All: -webkit prefix removed from css.
  5. All: Border properties are now consistant.
  6. All: BorderColor and BorderWidth added all controls with borders.
  7. All: Bounds can now be 'inherit' and 'initial'.
  8. All: Disabled property fixed.
  9. All: font selectors normalized.
  10. All: HTML output for borders streamlined.
  11. All: New onresize event.
  12. All: no longer load function code that is not needed.
  13. All: ToolBox Files can now share property definitions.
  14. Camera: value can now be set at Design Time.
  15. Date and Time: appearance improved.
  16. Dialog is now on top of scroll bars.
  17. Facebook: unneeded font property removed.
  18. Functions for AppStudio's controls moved from complexfunctions.js to nsbFunctions.js.
  19. Functions for jqMobile controls moved from complexfunctions.js to jqmFunctions.js.
  20. Functions for jqWidget controls moved from complexfunctions.js to jqxFunctions.js.
  21. Generic: Deprecated - replaced by Container.
  22. Grid: .cellstyle can be read at runtime.
  23. Grid: .colWidths can be read at runtime.
  24. Grid: Cells added at runtime are formatted with cellstyle.
  25. Grid: fix alignment style bug on first column.
  26. Grid: styling moved from complexfunctions to nsbstyle.css.
  27. Help now has pointers to Wiki.
  28. HTMLView: Emitted code improved.
  29. HTMLView: fix warning from Safari.
  30. HTMLView: Percentage widths fixed.
  31. NSB.MsgBox: Appearance improved on RTL systems.
  32. NSB.MsgBox: formatting error with two buttons fixed.
  33. NSB.MsgBox: iOS 6 style MsgBoxes are gone.
  34. NSB.MsgBox: now handles former _msgbox_confirm function.
  35. NSB.ShowProgress is now modal.
  36. PayPal: Allows user specified image.
  37. PayPal: Only deploy image which is used, not all four.
  38. Toolbox: Now has a Find area on the bottom.
  39. Toolbox: Right click now opens Wiki page for all controls.


  1. New modal property: can make form float modally over rest of app.
  2. New visual effects: fadeIn, fadeOut, slideUp, slideDown.
  3. New BackgroundColor property.
  4. New BorderColor property.
  5. New BorderWidth property.
  6. New parentForm property.
  7. New position property. Can be absolute, fixed, etc. Good for Responsive Design.
  8. Background renamed backgroundImage.
  9. Borders can be specified.
  10. Controls copy and pasted to new forms are not repositioned.
  11. Form submit properties removed from Toolbox.
  12. Forms are now a <div> element, not <form>
  13. Forms can now have bounds in percentages (if fullScreen is false).


  1. Comments between forms added to output code.
  2. Indenting of code improved.
  3. Main div renamed to NSBPage from Page_jqm.
  4. Needless blank lines removed.
  5. Output code cleaned up.
  6. Return value of function renamed returnValue (was savethefunction_rval)
  7. ReturnValue code not created if function does not return a value.
  8. CSS files moved to head for faster rendering.
  9. Generated code reformatted by JSBeautifier when possible.


  1. Option to create Windows Executable (exe) added to Run menu.
  2. Nicely formatted screen listing your deployed apps.
  3. Native Build Status: Starts automatically after build and auto refreshes.
  4. Drag and Drop to Project Explorer fills manifest automatically.
  5. Cache: error message improved.
  6. Cache: Mime types set on local server - Some Windows systems set incorrectly.
  7. Cache: New global NSB.cacheStatus is available to your app.
  8. Cache: User now prompted before web app is updated.
  9. Cache: To turn off update prompt, do NSB.confirmCacheUpdate=""
  10. Check Deployment: Additional checking added.
  11. Native Build Status: Auto refresh every 3 seconds.
  12. Native Build Status: Links added for iOS 'Error' message.
  13. Native Build Status: Links added to Tech Note for app stores.
  14. Native Build Status: Refresh button deleted.
  15. Native Build Status: Opens automatically after app submitted to PhoneGap.
  16. User image in nsb caused problems uploading to fixed.
  17. PhoneGap: CLI progress window can now be closed.
  18. PhoneGap: Config.xml no longer gets deployed (It's only for PhoneGap)
  19. PhoneGap: Default configxml updated.
  20. PhoneGap: New PhoneGap Camera sample.
  21. PhoneGap: Project Location build uses AuthToken.
  22. PhoneGap: Splashscreen is now automatically added to manifest.
  23. PhoneGap: splashscreen property now uses image picker.
  24. PHP: Umlauts (and other extended characters) are now OK in PHP files.
  25. Preferences: Static localhost port# added.
  26. Project Explorer: Entire folders can be dragged and dropped.
  27. Project Explorer: JSON files can be dragged and dropped for deploy.
  28. Project Explorer: SQLite databases can be dragged and dropped for deploy.
  29. Run: from local filesystem uses default browser.
  30. Run: Local deploy is to instead of localhost to deal with poorly configured systems.
  31. Run: Local deploy pathnames can now have spaces.

jQuery Mobile Framework

  1. New: Collapsible control shows popup text.
  2. All: Toolbox files tweaked for proper display in IE11.
  3. All: jQuery Mobile 1.3 controls and samples have been removed.
  4. Button, List: Text appearance improved.
  5. Button: Groups now have ID numbers.
  6. Icons now draw more sharply.
  7. Panel: icon now drawn correctly.
  8. Select: addItem can now accept multiple items
  9. TextArea: Added maxlength property.

jqWidgets Framework

  1. New: DateTimeInput control.
  2. New: Docking control.
  3. New: Editor control.
  4. New: MaskedInput control.
  5. New: NavigationBar control.
  6. New: PasswordInput control.
  7. New: Validator control.
  8. New: Window control.
  9. New themes: Android, Web, Bootstrap, Metro and Office.
  10. All: controls now have hidden, disabled, theme and rtl properties.
  11. All: Design settings are available at runtime in the NSB.jqxSettings[id] array.
  12. All: Functions for jqx controls moved from complexfunctions.js to jqxFunctions.js.
  13. All: Remove jqxSettings_ variables from global namespace. Now in NSB.jqxSettings["controlName"]
  14. All: Toolbox files have been streamlined.
  15. Checkbox: Icon updated.
  16. Menu: wrong height on pulldown fixed.
  17. Samples: Numerous fixes to samples.

iWebKit Framework

  1. All iWebKit controls and samples have been removed.


  1. Samples can be searched for keywords.
  2. Samples are now organized into subdirectories.
  3. New Collapsable sample.
  4. New Modal form sample.
  5. New PhoneGap Camera sample.
  6. New samples for all the new jqWidgets controls.
  7. All samples updated to use the new release.
  8. Desktop files for WebSockets samples moved to Wiki in zip format.
  9. Fix incorrect default splashscreen paths.
  10. Many updates and fixes.
  11. Update Ajax samples to use asynchronous calls.


  1. TechNotes: New Responsive Design Made Simple


  1. Internals: PyV8 no longer used.
  2. Internals: wxWebkit is no longer used.
  3. Internals: wxPython updated to 3.0.0.
  4. Internals: node.js now now used for translation and syntax checking.
  5. Internals: PyInstaller is now used to create Mac installer instead of Py2App.
  6. Internals: Complexfunctions and hfunc cleaned up using jshint.
  7. Internals: Complexfunctions and hfunc reformatted.
  8. Internals: hfunc and functions files minified.
  9. Internals: exception handling improved.
  10. Internals: FastClick updated to 1.0.6

Breaking Changes

  1. Windows XP and Vista are no longer supported, due to IE 11's minimum requirements. Microsoft is no longer issuing security patches for XP.
  2. Internet Explorer 11 is now a prerequisite on Windows systems.
  3. iWebKit and jQuery Mobile 1.3 are no longer supported. The reason for the removal is that the developers of these controls were no longer maintaining them. The guys at iWebKit seem to have moved on to other projects, while jQuery Mobile 1.3 was replaced by jQuery Mobile 1.4 in 2013.
    The affected controls have direct replacements. AppStudio 4 has a tool to automatically update the controls. When you launch AppStudio 4, it askes you whether you want to update your controls. It then makes a backup of your project and converts them. You may need to do some fine tuning to get them to look exactly as you want.
    The best way to do this is with AppStudio 4. AppStudio 5 does not have the ability to convert the controls. To go back to AppStudio 4 to do this, uninstall AppStudio 5 and install 4. Here's the download info:
    Mac: <>
    Win: <>
  4. Chrome Packaged Apps are no longer supported - replaced by full Windows exe apps.
  5. Form submit() removed from Toolbox. Ajax is a better way to do this.
  6. iOS 6 style MsgBoxes have been updated to current style.
  7. Style/End Style is no longer supported. Putting styling rules inline in code is messy and can cause performance problems. Copy the code inside your Style/End Style blocks and paste into Open Project CSS in the Project menu. It will then be put in the correct place at runtime.
  8. jqWidgets: settings variable renamed from controlName_setting to NSB.jqxSettings["controlName"]
  9. NSBCurrentForm replaced by NSB.currentForm
  10. Generic has been deprecated: use Container instead.